ECMP 280: Logic Design of Digital Systems

Tips on Accessing Electronics Workbench

ALTERNATIVE METHOD for running EWB under WIN95

(thanks to Charles Bear!)

These instructions are for people who don't have the menu system for the CWRUnet software libraries installed on their machines. These instructions assume that you have Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks installed.

Go to Entire Network (under Network Neighborhood). Select the machine named Software-lib. To log in, use GUEST with no password.

First, run Key Access, which is in \sys\public. (You may want to make a shortcut to this program and place it in your start menu.)

Map a drive to \vol1 on this machine (any letter should work).

Then, run Electronics Workbench, which is on the drive you just mapped, in \library\winapps\ewb, and is called wewb.exe.


(thanks to Matthew Otto!)

1) Double click on "Network Neighborhood". Double click "Entire Network"

2) You should then see a list of directories, one which should be "Software-Lib". Only click once on this. If you do not see Software-Lib, goto FILE and click REFRESH. Hopefully now you will see it. If not, I don't know how to help. After clicking once on "Software-Lib" Goto FILE, Click ATTACH AS.

Then logon as a guest by clicking on the square in the lower left corner. Then click OK. (You should only have to logon the first time you use this as it should save the logon configuration for you.)

3) Double Click on "Software-Lib", then "Sys", Then "Public".

4) In "Public", find the little key icon to start the "key access" Software. Double Click on it and then Click OK to accept Key access Logon. Then minimize the key access window.

5) Minimize the "public" window. then, minimize the "sys on software-lib" window.

6) Double Click on the "Vol 1" directory. Then, Double click on the "Library" directory. Then, Double Click on the "Winapps" Directory.

7) Without closing any windows, go back to the "Vol 1 on Software-lib" window. Goto FILE, Then chose MAP NETWORK DRIVE. From there, Find the S: drive and click on it, then click OK. Next, it may ask you to re-logon, chose YES.

8) A "Vol 1" window will appear. Double Click on "Winapps", then Double Click on "Ewb". Next, Find the circut icon labeled "Wewb". Double Click and the program 'SHOULD' load.


1) I could not get the 32 bit version to run from the 32 bit icon. Go figure, it's network software.

2) "ENV" Error. You did not correctly MAP NETWORK DRIVE, redo and try again.

3) "Security" error. Start the Key Access Again.

4) Also, remember to log on as a "guest" with no password.

5) Be careful when you work, there is a 50 user limit.

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Joan Carletta,