ECMP 486: Research in VLSI Systems


J. E. Carletta, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Engineering & Science
509 Olin Hall
(216) 368-0356

ECMP 485. Students without ECMP 485 but with some basic knowledge of digital VLSI design should consult with the instructor before taking the course.

This course considers research issues in VLSI design automation, with an emphasis on algorithms for CAD tools for VLSI design of digital systems. It will cover the full range of levels of design abstraction, from the transistor level up to high level, algorithmic descriptions of circuits. The course will be based on papers from technical conferences and journals, and will include both "classic" papers that any VLSI designer should read, and recent papers describing the state-of-the-art in VLSI design automation.

There is no required text. The instructor will make photocopies of the technical papers available for a nominal fee per page.

Topics may include:

Additional topics will be chosen based on class interest; it is the instructor's intention to tailor the class to best suit the needs of the students.

This course requires participation in class discussions, student presentations, and written (one-page) reviews of the technical papers read. Students will also do term projects.

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Joan Carletta,