Spice Tutorials

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CMOS invertor Brief introduction to spice using a CMOS invertor tut_spice3_invertor.html none
JFET amplifier Using spice to dc bias a jfet amplifier, bode plot, THD, and slew rate tut_spice3_jfet_bias.html none
Hspice introduction Getting started with Hspice: a tutorial simulating a XOR gate using 4 CMOS nand gates (10 pages) tut_hspice_xor.pdf Prof. Kime


Hspice analysis Detailed CMOS circuit simulation using Hsice using analysis, i-v plots, etc. (20 pages) tut_hspice_analysis.pdf Prof. Kime


Vacuum Tubes Audio vacuum tube Class A pre-amplifier analysis techniques using Spice Simulation tut_spice3_tube.html

Generic Spice3 Triode

vacuum tutorial

Dunan's Amp Page

Spice Manuals

Spice3 html Superset of the original spice3 manual man_spice3.htm none
Spice3 pdf original spice in pdf man_spice3.pdf none
Spice2g6 html The original spice2g6 in html man_spice2.html none

Spice Sources and binaries

SPICE 3 source This is almost the original spice3f spice version spice3f5_src.tar.gz none
Solaris SPICE 3f5 This contains source for BSIM3 and BSIM4 using solaris to compile for Solaris Solaris install fixes none
SuSE SPICE 2g6 and 3 SuSE Linux distribution includes spice and engineering programs as standard. No BSIM support! none SuSE Linux
Redhat SPICE 2g6 and 3 Redhat distribution does not directly include spice. No BSIM support! none rpm packge find
Linux SPICE 3 This contains source and binaries for Linux. No BSIM support, must compile on your own! none 3f5 Sources & Linux
SPICE 3 Windows Binaries only WinSpice supports spice3 (plus bug fixes), spice2 POLY functions, BSIM3, BSIM4 and SOI. Binaries only! none WinSpice Webpage
SPICE 2 Source Spice version 2g6. Spice2 supports a text-based plotter but it has the advantage of being a small binary spice2g6_src.tar.gz Microsoft Dos

Spice Extensions

BSIM3 version=3.22 Simulation models for nmos and pmos level=9 for spice3f5 and spice3e2 BSIM3 spice3f5 sources
BSIM3 manual
BSIM3 spice test files
BSIM Homepage
BSIM4 version=4.00 Simulation models for nmos and pmos level=14 for spice3f5 and spice3e2 BSIM4 sources
BSIM4 manual
BSIM4 spice test files
BSIM Homepage
Solaris/Unix BSIM3 and BSIM4 spice3f5 fixes spice3f5_src_overlay.tar.gz none

Spice Device Models

Analog Devices Spice2 (uses POLY) opamps and other linear devices none Spice2 Directory
Burr-Brown (now part of TI) Opamps and other linear devices. none Must Search
Dunan's Amp Page Primarily Audio devices and Vacuum tubes Spice3 Triode Spice models
Elantec Semiconductor Inc. Pspice: Video & Multimedia opamps and amplifiers none Pspice Directory
Fairchild Spice2g6: Discrete BJT's, MOSFET's, JFET's and Diodes none Spice2g6 Directory
General Semiconductor Pspice: Diodes, MOSFET's, BJT's, Zeners none Pspice Directory
Intersil Spice2: Opamps, RF BJT's, MOSFET's and linear devices none Spice2 directory
International Rectifier MOSFET's, Diodes and IGBT's none Spice3 Directory
Linear Technology Various linear devices none Publications Directory
Maxim Spice2 (uses POLY) Opamp and Comparators none Spice2 Directory
Mosis Wafer Electrical Test Data and SPICE Model Parameters of CMOS transistor models using BSIM 3.1 of HP, AMI and TSMC processes none Spice Directory
Motorola Semiconductor Pspice ECL Logic (AN1578), Opamps, IGBT's MOSFET's BJT's and more ECL Logic AN1578 Application Notes

spice3 rf database

National Semiconductor Spice2 (uses POLY) models of transistors and opamps. none Spice2 Directory

Models & Software

Roberts and Sedra SPICE decks listed in the text book, "SPICE", 2nd Edition by Roberts and Sedra. 741 opamp bipolar model, class AB ampliers, etc. 741 opamp (non-behaviorial) SPICE decks
STMcroelectronics General Pspice models none Must Search
infineon Technologies Spice2g6 RF, power, BJT's and Gaas Products none RF devices Directory
Vishay Siliconix Pspice, Hspice, Ispice: small signal FETs, Power MOSFET's, analog switches none Spice Directory
Teccor Ispice: SCRs and TRIACS none Spice Directory
Texas Instruments Spice2 (uses POLY): Opamps and Comparators none Spice2 Directory
Zetex Pspice models for over 450 device types. These types include Schottky, switching, varicap and Zener diodes, high performance bipolar (high current, low VCE(sat)), small signal bipolar, RF bipolar, bipolar Darlington and MOSFET transistors. none Spice Webpage

Spice History

Lawrence Nagel SPICE was originally developed by Dr. Lawrence Nagel and has been modified extensively by Dr. Ellis Cohen. The Life of Spice The Life of Spice
Donald O. Pederson Major developer of Spice2 release. '95 Kaufman Award '95 Kaufman Award

EDAC Kaufman Award Site

Hermann Gummel Anyone who has used the SPICE program or one of its many clones knows Hermann's name from the integral charge control model, or Gummel-Poon model, for bipolar junction transistors. '94 Kaufman Award '94 Kaufman Award

EDAC Kaufman Award Site

Hugo De Man Early contributor to Spice1 '99 Kaufman Award '99 Kaufman Award

EDAC Kaufman Award Site

Arthur Richard Newton Early contributor to Spice1 '95 DAC keynote '95 DAC keynote

Misc. Information

Unix Unix cookbook (out-of-date but useful) Unix cookbook Unix Resources