Reconfigurable Computing Chip EECS 316: Computer Design Laboratory Configurable Logic Bock

Instructor: Prof. Chris Papachristou     Office: 502 Olin, (216)-368-5277,
Instructor: Francis Wolff     Office: 514 Olin, (216)-368-5038,
Lab Assistant: T Gorn     Office: 514 Olin, (216)-368-5038,
Some of our sponsors: Synopsys, Inc.      Xilinx, Inc.      Altera, Inc.

Course Outline PDF file  
VHDL 1-bit adder pdf file ppt file
VHDL delay models, std_ulogic and with-select-when pdf file ppt file
VHDL Simulator: vhdlan, vhdlsim and the 1-bit adder test bench pdf file    updated ppt file
VHDL N-bit adder: if-generate pdf file ppt file
VHDL Synthesis: dc_shell and design_analyzer pdf file ppt file
VHDL state machines: process, rising_edge and case pdf file ppt file
Lab Project 1: Parking Controller Due April 11 HTML File
Lab Project 2: Alarm Controller Due April 20 HTML File
VHDL standard cell libraries

MSU Standard Cell Library

.pdf file .ppt file
Xilinx demo board demo board faq

board description

demo board manual.pdf file

synthesis commands

xchecker commands






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Standard VHDL Packages

Synthesizable Arithmetic Library

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Other Packages & Models

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VHDL IP cores OpenCores.Org

Memory Cores: FIFO, DualPort Memory

FIFO, DualPort Memory

Scalable SCMOS Standard Cell Library

MSU Standard Cell Library

MSU Standard Cell Library (vhdl timing)

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VHDL Description VHDL 93 BNF grammar

Reserved VHDL words

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Academic Research CAD Tools
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