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Instructor: Francis Wolff Office: 514 Olin, (216)-368-5038,
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Lecture 1 System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Introduction Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 2
and Assignment 1
(Due Tues, Sept 5)
The VHDL Full Adder Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 3 The VHDL N-bit Adder Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 4
and Assignment 2
(Due Tues, Sept 19)
Delay models and std_ulogic Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 5 AOIs, With-Select-When, When-Else Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 6 State Machines Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 7 Multicycle MIPS CPU Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 8
and Assignment 3
(Dues Thurs, Oct 5)
VHDL Processes Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 9
and Assignment 4
(Dues Tues, Oct 17)
VHDL Synopsys Synthesis: dc_shell Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 10 Improving Memory Access: Direct and Temporal Caches Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 11 DSP Architectures: Basic Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 12 DSP Architectures: Advanced Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 13 VHDL Synopsys Simulator: vhdlan, vhdlsim, vhdldbx Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)
Lecture 14
and Assignment 5 and 6
(Dues Thurs, Oct 26)
VHDL Synopsys Simulator: textio, clocks, wait, test benches Adobe (.pdf) Powerpoint (.ppt)

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Prerequisites by Topic


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Topics (until October 17)

The first half of the course will focus on a high-level design, simulation and finally synthesis using a high level design language called VHDL.

There will be an assignment given approximately every week. Of the six assignments, the lowest grade will be dropped.

Professor Saab will teach the course from October 19 until the end of the semester and give his own assignments.

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